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OPCSA Life Members

Life membership is the highest accolade any person can receive from the club.  We have many deserving of this:

Life Members
Clive Lester *
William Gladman *
William Pretty *
Ray Griffin
Kevin Ewert
Neville Gladman
Rowie Watt
Geoff Walker
John Shirley
William Horwood *
Daryl Horwood
Albert Green *
Audrey Horwood *
Geoff Whelan
Laurie Price
Frank Ford *
Tom Whelan *
Peter Bell *
John Green
Carl Barassi *
Peter Vernon *
Brian Drew
George Pearson *
Terry Monaghan *
Lindsey Allen
Brian Ransome
Brian Thompson
Peter McCallum
Craig Styles
Peter Brosnan
John Zoch
Russell Dobson *
Lorraine Watt
Marty Peart
John Williams
Ross Ewert
Joe Muscat
Stephen O’Neill
Peter Sayers *
Craig German
Steve Turner
Lindsey Warway
Peter Doolan
Henry Jacuta
Dave Wills
Jeff Lowerson
Craig Cox
Sheree Thomas
Peter German
Tim Littlewood
Pauline Strkalj
Ian (Max) Carroll
Jason Marston

* Sadly, these life members have passed away